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A Grandmother's Love

Lola | Scrunchies (XXL, L, M, Mini)

Lola | Scrunchies (XXL, L, M, Mini)

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Lola XXL, L, M, Mini scrunchie perfect hair accessory to complete your look.
the scrunchie is secure all day and won’t snap!

XXL      - approximately7 .5” in diameter
L          - approximately 6” in diameter
M        - approximately 5” in diameter
Mini    - approximately 4” in diameter

Wraps 2x around the hair
Elastic 8”
Each and every Scrunchie is handcrafted in my studio in Maryland USA, by me, Lots of love and care goes into each individual scrunchie to ensure a quality product, Taffeta fabric.

Each scrunchie which best suits normal to thick hair and if you have any questions regarding this item, processing times, delivery times, or anything in general please contact me via email I’ll be happy to help.

Handmade in the USA

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