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Towel Eco-Friendly | Double Layer - Pack of 6/12

Towel Eco-Friendly | Double Layer - Pack of 6/12

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These towels are made of one layer of cotton and 1 layer of cotton towel cloth. for durability and feature a unique "X" stitching across each towel to secure the layers together. They measure approximately 10"x11" and fit a standard paper towel roll.

Towels are machine washable and dryable. No fabric softener please, as it will prevent towels from being absorbant.

You can order a set of either 6 or 12 towels, depending upon your needs.
If you need other options, I offer custom sets and will be happy to work with you to make a set specific to your home!

LessZero-waste kitchen towels are great for your eco-friendly lifestyle This reusable towel roll is a fantastic alternative to disposable paper towels.

These cloths can be used as napkins for hands and faces as well.
I can also make napkins and wet bags to match your unpaper towels!

For custom prints or colors, send a direct message and I will work with you to find the perfect match for your home.

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